First, you must register team. After a successful registration, you must pay 50 USD U.S. Dollars fee for registering the team to the information system of the competition. After that, you can enter the necessary information about team members, use online competition literature and other options for registered team members. You can make payments in several way:

  • Payment via PayPal, to the account of Agencija SMAJ BUSINESS
  • Payment via Western Union Transfer
    Send money to the country: Serbia
    Amount for payment: 50 USD U.S. Dollars
    Send money to the person: Sasa Pusica
    Address: Bor, Crnovrske brigade 6/1
    After Western Union payments, the ten-digit Checkout Transfer Number (MTCN) must be sent to our email: and this school team ID:
  • Payment in Serbia
    Send 5500,00 Serbian dinars on a Serbian dinar current account 205-149294-55
    Recipient CENTAR ZA RAZVOJ KREATIVNOSTI CEZAR, 3.oktobar 71, 19210
    Purpose of the payment: IYOECO2019 - school team ID: